Want to know how to decorate a christmas tree like a professional? then here are some tips through which you can decorate you Christmas tree without any help of professional but like a professional.

first of all choose your color scheme which you want to want to see on your Christmas tree like gold. red & gold, red & silver, pink & white, aqua & turquoise or any other color combination of your own choice.  Decorate A Christmas Tree Professionally is not get enough popularity in America before 19th century but after that it is much popular and every one participate on this decoration of Christmas tree. The color scheme which you use in Christmas tree  must be matching you room color scheme where you place that tree.

How To Decorate A Christmas Tree Professionally

Secondly you have to purchase ornaments for the decoration of Christmas tree like a professional. keep in mind that the ornament which you choose for your tree must be in larger size and shape because this lager size and shape will differ you from other trees and your tree will like a decorated by professionals. But before yo put the ornaments to your tree don’t forget to place lights on tree. Yes lights which are available in different price rage and colors. Mostly white or green lights are used to decorate Christmas tree but you have to choose the lights which s of green wires this will help you in decorating your tree like professional. If wires are green then it will hide in the tree leafs and only lights are visible to the visitors.

There are many lights in the market but LED lights are getting popularity because it nit produce any kind of heat and safe for your home. There are also lights like a ball available to the market in different color and sizes but you should choose according to your likeliness. After putting he lights on he Christmas tree place ornaments on the tree o different places on the tree from top to the bottom of the tree. Ornaments can be place in two different designs it should be places from top to bottom or can be placed in circle around all the tree.

After placing your ornaments try to place your family ornaments it will show your sentiments to your family. This is the second last steps of how to decorate a christmas tree like a professional and last step is to decorate you Christmas tree with a topper, a topper is a star, Santa or any fancy designer bow. it will increase the attraction of your decorated Christmas tree.




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