23rd March is famous as a day of Martyrs because this day is the death anniversary of Sardar Bhagat Singh. on 23 march 1931 he was hung till death because of his act of throwing a hand grenade at the Delhi Central. here is Bhagat Singh Photos, Images, Wallpapers for the whole India as he was a great hero. He is considered to the the most active person of the Indian Independence movement.

Bhagat singh was a great freedom fighter of the India and from very early age when he was a teenager he had studied all the Europeans revolutionary movements so that is the reason that he was also involved in many revolutionary organizations. he was much influenced by Marxist ideology. He was in the eyes of the great leader and was supported by them when he go to jail and ten underwent for a fast and demanding an equal rights for British and Indians prisoners. So Bhagat Singh Wallpapers are here to show you the face and passion of that great leader.

Bhagat Singh Photos, Images, Wallpapers

These are the Bhagat Singh Photos, Images, Wallpapers for you so that you know him by face that who is that bhagat singh and what he have done for us , for our country, for all Indians. Do let us now about our efforts…

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