Ching Ming Festival 2012 is one of the most celebrated festivals among the Chinese people as it is one of those 24 segments in the Chinese calendar. The great festival is being observed on the 4th or the 5th of the April every year. This is dependent on the cold food day which is being celebrated after 105 days after the previous year’s winter solstice. Ching Ming is also known as the Remembrance of Ancestors Day as well as the Grave sweeping Day.

Ching Ming Festival 2012 and Celebrations

Ching Ming Festival 2012 and Celebrations

The Chinese word Ching Ming means clear and bright. On this very special day every citizen makes their appearance on the graves of their ancestors. And pay tributes to them on their tireless work and their history. This is being done for the purpose of remembering their old ones and not to forget what those people have done and contributed in the success and development of the families and on the broader term to the nation. On this day the people visits the graves of their old ones and the cleaning process is being also made. This is done by cleaning the weeds and other plants which appears on the grave when untreated. These wild planes are being thrown off and peeled off the graves and the entire graves are being washed by the clean water to make them look bright and clear. The inscriptions on the grave stone are being touched up and if there is any maintenance work pending it is also being done on the Ching Ming festival. When the graves are being completely washed and cleaned and all the maintaining work is being done than the wine and fruits are being offered to the people all around. This is also made available for the other people who have visited the graveyard on this very special day.

Thousands of people come on roads at the same time on this day which makes the movement very much difficult that’s why it is being advised by the government not to use the private cars and vehicles instead use the public transport. These public transports enable the easy access to the burial areas for the people and the visitors and the same time it reduces the burden of the heavy traffic on the local roads. The Ching Ming festival 2012 And Celebrations is being observed by the Chinese people with full enthusiasm and passion every year.




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