Cinco De Mayo is the 5th day of May and here are some Cinco De Mayo Pictures, Images 2013 so that by these one can read the history and importance of that day. On that day Mexican Army had a victory over the France Army in the battle of Puebla 1862. The traditions of that day includes mariachi music performance, A parade and some street festivals in cities all across Mexico and also United States. People around the world mistakenly or what so ever think that the Cinco De Mayo is a day of Mexican independence but this independence was declared 50 years before the battle of Puebla.

Cinco De Mayo celebrations can be seen in Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, San Antonio, Sacramento, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Denver and El Paso in the USA. People on that day hang up some banner to educate the people about the culture of Mexico same is case with Schools, teachers organize some special seminar for the awareness of people. Cinco De Mayo is not a holiday in USA, all the works are on their routine but for parade purpose may be some roads are blocked and Cinco De Mayo Pictures, Images 2013 are choose for you people, have a look

Cinco De Mayo Pictures, Images 2013

  • Cinco de Mayo, Cinco de Mayo,Is lots of fun, for every one.Many celebrations,

    Loved ones get together.

    Come join the fun, with everyone.

  • Here is our pi├▒ataWhat a sight to see,Filled with treats & goodies

    Just for you & me.

    When it’s time to break it,

    We’ll circle all around

    Then we’ll scramble for the treats

    That fall down to the ground.

All these Cinco De Mayo Pictures, Images 2013 are choose by keeping in mind the celebrations and importance of the day. Happy Cinco De Mayo




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