What Are Cinco De Mayo Traditions And Celebrations 2012: Cinco de Mayo is annually celebrated on May 5th. It is the anniversary of a victory in 1862 in the fight for independence from French forces. It is a festival of Mexican pride and heritage in the United States. As many people believe this and are not aware of really reason of the celebration of this day. Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence Day from Spain. In fact, it’s a celebrated as a commemoration of a fight of David and Goliath. In 1862, as the French attack of Mexico began, Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza’s with an army of 4,000 soldiers defeated twice as many French soldiers in the Battle of Puebla. The Mexican Americans were inspired from the Mexican soldiers’ courage and determination.The victory was celebrated by California’s Mexican Americans. In the 1960s and 1970s, Chicanos involved in the civil rights movement related the Cinco de Mayo story to their quest for respect in the United States. Chicano activists publicized it and made it a popular holiday in the United States.

Cinco De Mayo Traditions And Celebrations 2012

What Are Cinco De Mayo Traditions And Celebrations 2012

People who have a Mexican background specially who live in the United States observed the day of  Cinco de Mayo as a day to celebrate the culture, accomplishments and incident of people. This day has a commercial factor to the day as the businesses promote Mexican services and goods, which specifically include food, drinks and music.In Mexico, most of the Cinco de Mayo celebrations that take place occur in the town of Puebla (the place of battle). Large parades are conducted in which many people dressed up as Mexican and French soldiers. Merchant sells traditional Mexican foods. They also sell nationalistic clothing and accessories for people to wear during the celebration.  Other aspects of the day center on traditional symbols of Mexican life, such as the Virgin de Guadalupe, and Mexican-Americans who have achieved fame, fortune and influence in the United States.

Cities such as Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, San Antonio, Sacramento, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Denver and El Paso in the USA’s south-western regions celebrates one of the largest Cinco de Mayo celebrations. In these cities, a large number of the people belong to Mexico. Many people celebrate this day by hang up banners. At school level for the awareness of this day, school districts organize lessons, debates, presentations and special events to educate their pupils about the culture of Americans of Mexican descent. In some areas, particularly in Pueblo de Los Angeles, celebrations of regional Mexican music and dancing are held.Cinco de Mayo is not a national holiday in the United States. Organizations, businesses and schools are open as in routine. Public transportation systems run on their regular schedule. In some areas of some cities, especially those in the Southwest, local parades and street events may be held for Cinco De Mayo Traditions And Celebrations 2012.



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