What Is Palm Sunday and Palm Sunday 2012:The week which is in between the Palm Sunday and the Easter Sunday is known as the holy week or the Passion Week in the religion of Christianity where they pay tribute and show their gratitude towards their Jesus Christ on his crucifixion in 2012 the Palm Sunday will be observed with full religious significance on the 1st April 2012.  The Palm Sunday is the Sunday before the Easter Sunday and is also the beginning of the Holy Week as in this entire week the Christians commemorates the crucifixion of the Jesus Christ. But the Palm Sunday is specifically related to the entry of the Jesus in the Jerusalem on the back of a donkey.

What Is Palm Sunday and Palm Sunday 2012

          What Is Palm Sunday and Palm Sunday 2012

On this day when the Jesus entered all his followers took the strips and branches of Palm and gathered around him to welcome him. The people who gathered all around him laid the palm leaves and branches in the way of Jesus as he approached towards Jerusalem. As the Jesus was heading towards Jerusalem his main motive behind this was to lay his life for the sake of his followers. This is the moveable feast of the followers who commemorates it every year on Sunday which is the previous Sunday from the Easter Sunday.

On this very special day people pay tribute to their leader. Several religious gatherings and feasts are being organized in the churches as the people celebrate the entire day in the religious homes and churches. In several churches the Palm Sunday is being observed by the distribution of the Palm leaves amongst all the worshippers who have gathered inside the church on this religious day, and these leaves and stems of Palm are been taken as the sign of good luck and prayers from the priest as well as the Jesus.

Several times various problems occurs in making the Palm leaves available in the unfavorable climatic conditions for this day in such cases Palm leaves and stems are being substituted by the Yew, Willow, Bough of box and other native trees also. That’s why in few areas where Palm leaves are difficult to acquire this Palm Sunday is also known as the Yew Sunday or by making a more broader and vast terminology as the Branch Sunday. The Christians have great religious affiliation with is Palm Sunday which is being witnessed when thousands of people visits and make their way towards the religious get together held at the churches on this great Palm Sunday.Now you well aware about What Is Palm Sunday and Palm Sunday 2012 after this writing. You can also share your feelings  about this upcoming event just here through comment section.



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