World Health Day (WHO) 2013 is celebrated on 7th of April as anniversary of the World Health Organization. The foundations of World Health Organization were laid down on this day in 1948. Every year a specific theme is selected to draw attention to the foremost concern of World Health Organization in that year. Global campaigns are conducted on this day. Leaders of their respective countries come to the public to aware them about the greatest health challenge with its global impact. World Health Day endow with an opportunity to take a communal action for a better health and life.

World Health Day 2013 Themes And Activities

World Health Day 2012 Themes And Activities7th April 2013, World Health Day will be marked with a new theme related to global health challenge that is “Ageing and Heath”. Global campaigns will brings light to the health of aged people by gathering fresh data of their health relating to their aging to help in better understanding the needs and demands of the old people. The document includes the data about the age of the people, demographics and epidemiology related to the aging of people. On 7th April 2012, world health day will perform and conduct activities and campaigns throughout the world with the focus on aging and health. This day activities will aid to promote the awareness that what government and individuals can do for their better living and how they can become the resource for their company rather than being a liability on them. It is to encourage and aware people how good old women and men can spend their productive lives to support their families.

The median age of global population is continuously rising which is expected to raise triple from 2000 to 2050. The statistical data showed that average age in European cities is about 80 years for women and 75 years for men. This provides both opportunities and challenges to families and society. The slogan for World Health Day 2012 is “Good Health Adds Life to Years”. Aging concerns each and every one of us regardless where we live, whether poor or rich, black or white, young or old, men or women.

This world health day will be marked by performing several activities like campaign of 1000 cities -1000lives will be planned to encourage the cities and towns to carry out activities related to health benefiting activities globally in the world health day week. This day free or low price medical checkups and medical camps will be placed in towns or cities. Several local, national and international events are held to aware the public about the importance of health issues. Conferences for doctors and medical workers are conducting for informing and discussing about the better ways of living for elderly people in their countries. At school or colleges level exhibitions and displays are conducted to educate the students about the health issues globally. TV programs and talk shows will help in creating awareness among the people. The environment is badly affected by the motor vehicles fuel which continuously damaging the Earth Ozone layer. On this world health day, streets and public’s spaces will be opened up for cycling, walking and cleaning campaigns to highlight the bad effect of fuel consuming vehicles and promoting to travel on local transportation or fuel less vehicles to keep the Green environment on out Earth. This year World Health Day 2013 will encourage making their towns and cities a better place of living.




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